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The gemstone associated with the sun is the ruby. The sun is the symbol of fame, success, fame and happiness. Wearing this stone brings blessings such as health, courage, confidence, success, recognition and fame. Improving relations with senior officials is another benefit. It also helps you communicate well with your father. Since the Sun is considered Aatamakaraka, the person who wears the stone will have self-confidence. Once the ruby ​​is installed, help will be taken from the government, police and administration.

Who can wear this:

Whose Relationship does not get along with his father should prefer the ruby stone. If one does not have good sun (Surya).

Then He does not get along well with his boss and seniors. Also, he does not get profit from the government. One does not get respect and honor and the reason for defamation remains which spoils one’s condition. A person who is not punctual in his/her life has a bad sun(Surya). 

Yellow Sapphire​

The planet Jupiter’s gemstone is yellow sapphire.Jupiter, the planet of money, bestows wealth and knowledge upon the user of this gemstone. It also aids in achieving more spiritual comfort. It supports self-discipline, goal-setting, achievement, and making wise choices for the user.

Who can wears this:

Yellow Pukhraj (Yellow Sapphire) should be worn by the one who wants to complete his studies, has faced many troubles in education. If Couples do not get along well and do not get a son, He should wear Yellow Sapphire), and if he has to worry about having children and does not tolerate his grandfather. Those whose elders leave this world soon and want to continue their education should wear Yellow Sapphire.

Key Features:

a) Wearing Yellow Pukhraj protects one self from evil and attains material prosperity and satisfaction.

b) Joy of life. It helps you make good decisions, stay disciplined, set goals in life, and achieve your best.

c) By wearing this you can experience a special happiness of success, wisdom and strong friendship.

d) You are blessed with a child, success, fame and wisdom.

Top gems astrologer in Ludhiana Punjab
top astrologer in ludhiana

Blue Sapphire

With their beautiful color and attractive appeal, blue sapphires are the most popular stones in the world of dazzling gemstones. This gemstone has a magical connection that transcends time and civilization, rich in myth and symbolism. Among the major gemstones (which also include emeralds, rubies and diamonds), blue sapphires are highly sought after. Blue sapphire. Reputable sellers like Very can help here. Operated by Anant Commerce India Private Limited, the online store offers customers a wide range of certified and hand-picked gemstones from around the world. Their commitment to authenticity and quality ensures that your request for your perfect blue sapphire (or other gemstone) is fulfilled.

Who can wear this:

Blue Sapphire Stone should be worn by Whose nervous system remains down. The person who has never been successful, who has only sorrow, did not get success even after a lot of hard work, even though his servants do not last or there is a lack of patience. Due to which, more and more factories have been closed. Many big projects end as soon as they start. Blue sapphire stone should be worn to prevent labor problems and the one who does not get the happiness of a house should wear Blue Sapphire Stone.


Emerald is a wonderful stone of timeless beauty and significant astrological significance. In India, they are also called “panna” stones. Made from the mineral beryl, its rich emerald green hue is reminiscent of the natural world, led by trace amounts of chromium and vanadium. 

The astrological value of real emeralds has forever been shrouded in mystery, and in this review, we cover everything you need to know. According to astrology, the Panna stone is revered during Navratnas and is believed to channel celestial energies that can influence one’s destiny. It is believed to bestow wisdom, intelligence and communication on the wearer and is linked to the planet Mercury. We will explore the complexity of astrological influences to help you understand the significant impact this stone will have on your path. This fascinating exploration will take you into the beautiful world of emeralds and reveal their spiritual, artistic and artistic significance. Panatite is a diamond of unparalleled charm and power, whether your goal is to harness its heavenly power or simply adorn yourself with its beauty. 

Who can wear this : 

Emerald should be worn by those whose business is not running and whose intelligence is not working. The one who suffers from cough, cold, sore throat and epilepsy should wear emerald. Those children who don’t understand things quickly, those who don’t feel like studying can wear emeralds.

top astrologer in Ludhiana Punjab

White Sapphire

White sapphire, commonly known as the Venus stone, is a diamond that is considered one of the finest among diamonds. Many famous scientists believe that wearing white sapphire enhances the positive effects of Venus – love, beauty and harmony. Since white sapphire is believed to help balance and strengthen the zodiac signs of Taurus, Libra and Capricorn, white sapphire is also considered a good stone for these people. Therefore it is always in high demand.

Who can wear this:

White Sapphire mostly represents Venus, it contains 20% Jupiter and 80% Venus. It gives luxury to the person and gives smartness and it is also a blessing to the family and also people of May Rakshasa caste who have Venus Ascendant, Virgo Ascendant, Cancer Ascendant, Gemini Ascendant can wear this stone.

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Pitambari Neelam is one of the rare varieties of sapphire and is considered a bi-color sapphire by gemologists as it exhibits both blue and yellow hues. Due to its unique ratio of yellow and blue, Pitambari Neelam is considered by some gemologists and astrologers to be an ideal combination of blue and yellow sapphire gemstones. Pitambari Neelam is spread all over the world and its main source is Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and other Asian countries). Since two-tone sapphires are associated with two different worlds, it is believed that wearing a sapphire will bring double benefits.

Who can wear this 

Pitambari is a mixed stone of Saturn and Jupiter. Whose Guru is Acha, Banaspati Acha or Saturn or Venus, those who cannot wear Blue Sapphire can wear Pitambari, which helps in maintaining a good family, health, wealth, and abundance of money.

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Coral stone

Coral is a beautiful red stone. This is an extraordinary natural stone. Coral, like perlite, is a mysterious stone found in the depths of the ocean. In Hindi it is called Moonga. It is a classic type of gemstone. Since ancient times, people have worn it to pray for luck, strength, courage and health. A unique quality of the coral gemstone is its durability. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it also has importance in astrology. It is a stone that has a positive impact on both personal and professional life. Mars is directly related to coral reefs. Therefore, it helps correct the negative aspects of Mars.

Who can wear this :

Coral stone (Monga) should be worn by those who have anemia, Those who get very angry, those who do not get along well with their relatives and those who do not get along well with their neighbors and have to bear caste from their children, and those who are cheated by their business partners and relatives. Those who are auspicious and lazy person should wear Monga



Pearls(Moti) are known as the “Queen’s Jewel” and are associated with morality, purity and peace. Most importantly, they are blessed with great healing power. Pearl stone(Moti) is known for its excellent healing properties and can be used to help overcome anger. Its calming effect on the mind helps in it  .The subtle energy of the Pearl Stone allows people to discover and connect with their true selves. It helps confused people understand. Pearl gemstones help temporarily adjust emotions so they become clearer. Perlite are the best stones for any woman who wants to improve her appearance because they enhance beauty inside and out. The user receives love and affection from the pearl.

 Who can wear this:

Those who get nervous easily, those who get depressed easily, those who keep on thinking too much, their moon is bad, those who cannot take decisions and those who have anxiety problems, their moon gets bad and those who do not value themselves, mother gone soon. Goes and mother remains sad. Liquid money doesn’t last, they should wear pearls

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Opal stone

Opal is a beautiful stone that has fascinated people for years with its fascinating color. It is made of hydrated silica, which is a mixture of silica and water. The gem exhibits “opalescence,” a rare phenomenon in which light is reflected and refracted, producing a striking spectrum of colors.

Opals have deep metaphysical and spiritual meanings. It is often associated with love, passion and compassion. It is believed that this stone promotes inner harmony, stimulates creativity and increases wisdom. Opal is also believed to promote spiritual growth and clarity in conflicting situations. It acts as a link between the conscious and subconscious mind, opening the door to higher states. In jewelry, opals are often used in making bracelets, necklaces and rings. It is a popular choice for those looking for a unique and eye-catching product due to its color combination. Opal is also used in metaphysics and crystal healing due to its ability to increase energy.

Who can wear this:

The opal stone works 100%, like it enhances the beauty of the person and gives him attractiveness and luxury life and those who want to join  beauty line, cosmetics, interior designing or who want to go into the film industry should wear opal stone.

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Top astrologer in Ludhiana Punjab

Gomed stone

Hessonite, also known as Gomedhaka, is a jyot-like gem that represents the planet Rahu according to Indian texts. “GOMED” stone is the Hindi word meaning herydite garnet. In general, its color is similar to honey and varies from light to dark brown-red. Gomed Stone has significance in Kalyug or current astrology as it has the power of the powerful and malevolent planet RAHU. When Gomed is an auspicious stone for a person, it can provide quick and wonderful relief from the negative aspects of Kal Sarp Dosha. This is especially important for people with this power. During Mahadasha or Antardasha of Rahu, gomed will help them overcome the evil of Rahu.

Who can wear this:

The one who is afraid, or the one who faces sudden troubles. The one with whom sudden accidents keep happening should wear Gomed stone. People start taunting him suddenly, the one who is intelligent and cannot control his speech, his “Rahu Dev” is bad, he should wear Gomed Stone.

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Lehsunia stone:

Cat’s Eye is an important stone and is associated with Ketu, the planet of control and opposition. Those who have an important and decisive position in the Ketu horoscope will achieve good results by wearing this stone. Known as the “cat’s eye”, this stone is said to have a fascinating, mysterious structure. It helps in eliminating the ill effects of Ketu and reducing the negative effects of cold on the body. When Ketu is prominent in a person’s horoscope, sudden and unexpected gains and returns will occur. However, Ketu is usually in retrograde motion. Various factors are taken into account when determining the weight and size of a gemstone. The recommended gemstone to wear during Ketu Dasha is a cat’s eye stone. It is usually worn for a limited period, usually until Ketu occupies a prominent place in one’s horoscope. The weight of this gemstone is usually determined using one of two factors. An astrologer will recommend the weight of the cat eye gemstone based on the weight of the wearer.

 Who can wear this: 

One who is suffering from a 20-year-old disease, remains ill, has bone-related problems, and has increasing irritability should wear a Lehsunia stone. If there is no cleanliness in the house and there is a foul smell nearby and there is trouble from the maternal uncle’s family and there are troubles from the son and nephew, then understand that Ketu is bad and he should wear the Lehsunia stone.

Natural zircon

Zircon is one of the most popular stones that helps solve marital problems such as postponement of marriage and choosing a compatible spouse. This stone, ruled by Venus, the planet of marriage, gives happiness in marriage. According to astrology, Venus being in a bad horoscope will affect a person’s marriage. Wearing natural zirconia can improve the lifespan of the wearer by promoting love and understanding between people and helping to eliminate negative effects. Relationships can benefit from natural zircon in terms of happiness and love.

Who can wear this : 

Natural Zircon is a sugar stone, this gemstone resembles a diamond. Its effect is only 10%. This is only for those people who do not have money and wish to wear diamonds, but the condition is that they should be from Rakshasa  , Jesse’s Ascendant, Virgo Ascendant, Gemini Ascendant, Capricorn ascendant, Saturn Ascendant, Libra. Those who have the dedication can wear Natural Zircon. 


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Top Astrologer in india

Purple Sapphire

Purple sapphire (also known as Raktambar Neelam in Hindi, where Rakt means blood and Ambar means sky) is unique in many ways for its soft, velvety beauty. These Khooni Neelam stones are more beautiful as they have a red color unlike blue sapphires. Due to its origin, it was called Khooni Neelam (Hindi Khoon).

Blood Sapphire is associated with the karmic planet “Saturn”, also known as Lord Shani in Vedic Astrology. Therefore, people born under the sun sign will get great benefits from it. It helps people to cope with the most difficult Sadh Sati Dasha. However, due to its scarlet or scarlet color, some astrologers attribute this red stone to Mars. These invaluable assets not only ensure physical and mental health, but also contribute to good work and mental health.

Who can wear this:

Indian astrologers recommend that you do not wear sapphire jewelry if you are a Virgo. Due to its association with Saturn, this gemstone is also associated with Aquarius (Kumbh) and Capricorn (Makar) in Vedic astrology.

In contrast, this sapphire is often recommended as a September birthstone in Western countries. Those who want to be free from evil, good deeds, spiritual knowledge and wealth should wear the stunning Purple Sapphire, also known as “Baingani Pukhraj”.

Natural Pink Sapphire

Pink sapphires are rare, valuable and durable gemstones. Pink sapphire is a beautiful pink color and you can enjoy the longevity and shine of sapphire. Pink sapphires come in many shapes and shades, from light pink to rich, velvety red. It is said to promote feelings of love, compassion and care. Wearing pink sapphire jewelry is said to bring good luck to the wearer and is also known for its ability to heal heartache and wounds. One of the most important benefits of pink sapphire is that it can reduce stress and anxiety.

Who can wear this:

Indian astrologers recommend that people with the zodiac sign Leo (Singh Rashi) wear red sapphires. Its makes family happier and healthier The benefits of Gulab Pukraj Stone will improve your life. Promotes love and passion in partnership, Promotes wealth and health of the wearer, Improves solemn aura, Emotional harmony and balance.

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White Corel

White coral gemstones are known worldwide for their appearance and beauty. People value this stone very much and use it as jewelry because of its beauty. Even now, these stones are mounted on decorative items seen in homes and offices. The benefits of white coral stone to its owner are very useful in Vedic astrology. In this article, we will explore the fascinating world of white coral jewelry. Learn everything about the stone to determine whether it should be added.

Who wear this:

Gemstone star Mars, sometimes called Mangal Grah, is the ruler of white coral stone. Due to the negative impact of this, users will face many problems in life even when doing small tasks. If your horoscope or birth chart shows that you have “Mangal Dosh”, you may consider wearing this stone. Interruption. For this reason, those with Mesh and Vrischick rash are allowed to wear white coral stone. Precious stones made of white coral are world famous for their natural beauty. Because of the beauty of this stone, people are very satisfied with it and use it as jewelry. These stones are also used in home and office decorations. In Vedic Astrology, White Coral Stone is very important for the well-being of its owner. To decide whether adding stone is necessary, learn everything you can about it.

Natural Spinel stone:

Natural astrological stone spinel! In the astrological world, spinel is considered a stone of rebirth and is important for its beautiful beauty and powerful metaphysical qualities. With its vibrant colors ranging from deep red to iridescent blue, Spinel is believed to resonate with the energies of protection, transformation, and rejuvenation. Stimulating the root chakra, this stone is especially valued for its ability to stimulate passion and creativity, as well as promote a sense of solidity and solidity. Spinel’s stress-relieving effects often provide comfort to those who want to internalize their passion, overcome obstacles and start over. Additionally, since spinel is considered a flexible stone that is beneficial to people of all zodiac signs, it can be used by anyone looking for its support. without saying.

Who can wear this :

Leos are always good for spinel jewelry. It is an ideal match when one’s strength is enhanced and strengthened by the power of the stone. If Leo wears the amulet every day, everything will go well and his natural face will improve. You can wear this type of jewelry from time to time; It can be good when you need encouragement, especially in times of stress and weakness. This stone will give zodiac signs the courage to set and achieve goals, calm their souls and strengthen their bodies.

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Natural Alexandrite

This interesting and rare gemstone, Alexandrite, is known for its unique optical properties. It is a variety of chrysoberyl that stands out for its extraordinary ability to change color in response to light. It has an attractive green to blue-green hue during the day, but turns red to purple-red in good light. The “Alexandrite Effect” refers to the chameleon-like activity that increases the value and market value of gemstones.

Alexander was amazed. When you research the meaning of alexandrite, you will see that its color-changing properties as well as its metaphysical benefits make it desirable. This stone is often associated with good luck, wealth, and personal growth, and many believe it represents the meaning of harmony and balance.

Who can wear this

People born in June are encouraged to wear alexandrite as it is considered the birthstone of the month of June. Additionally, Cancer people can wear this stone for fashion purposes or to take advantage of its mysterious nature.