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Birth Journal

Capturing the journey from conception to delivery, the Birth Journal elegantly chronicles the miracle of life, weaving the intimate details of anticipation, joy, and the profound moments that mark the beginning of a new chapter

Vastu Shastra

Ancient wisdom harmonizing spaces, guiding optimal energy flow for balance and well-being in homes and workplaces.

Face Reading

Unveiling the silent language of features, deciphering expressions to reveal insights into personality and life's unique story.

Lal Kitab

A mystical guide to astrology, offering unique remedies and insights for navigating life's twists and turns.

Kundli Dosh

Astrological imbalances delineating challenges and opportunities, guiding the path to cosmic harmony and personal growth.


A sacred union of hearts, forging lifelong companionship through love, commitment, and shared dreams.

What Our Customers Say

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For me it was really a magic. I was totally depressed and he gave me a hope that changed my life. He is amazing at his work and is 100%
genuine. i am really happy and doing good in my life and all this change happened because of him. I am really thankful to him and really
appreciate the work he has done to me.

Prakash Jha - Astrologer

I highly appreciate Professor Gurdeep Arora’s insightful astrological services. He is truly a very insightful man also very satisfied with his guidance and understanding. I am always amazed at how accurate he always is. I highly recommend him. He is truly a visionary.

Vishesh Sharma - Astrologer

I highly appreciate and recognise professor Gurdeep Arora´s insightful astrological services. also very satisfied with his guidance and understanding.I have found solace and right direction in professor Gurdeep Arora´s expertise. he is truly a trusted figure.

Rohan Sharma - Astrologer

Truly a very insightful man, it was a pleasure to meet him. Very professional, courteous, and intelligent. I was amazed at how accurate the whole process was. Will definitely visit again.

Manoranjan Singh - Astrologer

Seriously my problems are going to end...i feel really positive after meeting with guru ji... really i felt blessed

Prerna Arora - Astrologer

I was so despondent when i first met Prof Gurdeep Arora because i missed my first pregnancy and getting critical in conceiving. Guru ji blessed me with such great remedies and adviced me wearing pukhraj as soon as i have done wearing pukhraj and my remedies are still pending i got the positive result i am so so happy for this. Guru ji's remedies are so powerful and amazing i cant explain highly recommend to you all Om namah shivay guru ji

Kritika Garg - Astrologer